2024 Summit Agenda


09:55Opening remarks by chairperson

10:00Opening Keynote : Strengthening aerospace clusters and ecosystem to drive economic growth

10:15Panel: Developing the country’s defence industry system

  • Driving innovation for next-generation Defense Capabilities​
  • Discussing smart manufacturing options and highlighting initiatives including Make it in the Emirates  ​
  • Discussing lessons learnt from local and international manufacturers​
  • Developing strategic international partnerships

10:45On-stage Interview: Milestones and future endeavors shaping the nation's space ambitions

11:00Panel: Technological advancements and disruptions in the regional and international Aerospace landscape

  • Analyzing the influence of technological advancements, such as digitalization, artificial intelligence, electric propulsion and more​
  • Assessing the impact of disruptive innovations on aircraft design, manufacturing processes, and operational efficiency​
  • Exploring the role of sustainability and decarbonization in shaping the future of the aerospace industry​
  • Discussing strategies to embrace technological advancements and foster innovation amidst geopolitical and macroeconomic changes

11:30Focus on Saudi: Offering insights into the future of the Saudi Arabian Aviation sector

12:00Panel: Managing capacity and infrastructure: optimizing airport infrastructure for future growth

  • Analyzing current and projected passenger and aircraft traffic demands
  • Investing in expansion and modernization of airport facilities
  • Implementing advanced technologies for efficient passenger flow management.
  • Enhancing collaboration with airlines and ground service providers for seamless operations
  • Building smart next generation airports

12:30Panel Discussion: Ensuring cybersecurity resilience in a constantly changing digital landscape of the aerospace industry

13:00Accelerating sustainable aviation fuel production and adoption

  • Exploring challenges and opportunities in SAF adoption
  • Evaluating frameworks for expanding SAF development and meeting governmental mandates
  • Fast-tracking SAF technology deployment and innovation
  • Enabling international coorperations for SAF Adoption
13:30Networking Lunch

14:30International partnerships enabling access to space for all

15:00Space domain awareness and responsible use

  • How can we strengthen international law for the use of space?
  • What is the impact of political turmoil on space operations?
  • Role of space agencies and operators in ensuring responsible use of space environment
  • Way forward to regulate the use of space whilst accelerating human expansion into space and ensuring effective space traffic management

15:30Panel: Fusion of Space communications and Earth observation: Insights and innovations

  • Highlighting the satellite's role in enhancing global aerospace communications with advanced, high-capacity capabilities.​
  • Advancements in Earth Observation Technologies: Examining the integration of satellite communication technologies in Earth observation, focusing on innovations in remote sensing and data transmission.​
  • Strategic Expansion in Aerospace Connectivity: Discussing the expansion of satellite fleets for improved global communication coverage, and the implications for aerospace and Earth monitoring.​
  • Future Trends in Satellite Communications: Exploring future developments in direct device communication and SAR technology, transforming how we connect and observe Earth from space.

16:00Panel: Space Innovatisation: The Transforming European Space Sector and Global Trends

  • Understanding the profound transformation of the Space industry in Europe, originating from a lively start-up ecosystem
  • The role of multiple agencies and stakeholder, access to markets and capital and how those factors compare to innovation frameworks and ecosystems in North America and Asia
  • First hand information and insights into challenges and opportunities in innovation management for stakeholders within the space industry

16:30Panel: Space Economics: Lessons Learned from 20 Years since the Dawn of the NewSpace Era

  • Looking back into the success factors of the NewSpace Economy, its development over time, the key players 
  • New role of agencies in this emerging trillion dollar market
  • Special considerations of NASA and other stakeholders, which had and still have to adopt to a NewSpace era

17:00Closing remarks by chairperson


10:00Opening remarks by chairperson

10:10Opening Panel : Understanding the shifts in air travel demand and adapting accordingly

  • Analyzing the impact of changing travel patterns on use of air space and aircraft demand
  • Role of airports – How can airports cater to the changing demands? What transformational efforts need to be put in place to ensure connectivity and competitives?
  • Identifying emerging market segments and tailoring product offerings
  • Enhancing operations, implementing innovative tech, enabling fleet flexibility and more to meet varying customer needs
  • How can airports and airlines support each other and what will be aviation industry look like 2050 and beyond?

10:40On-stage Interview: Abu Dhabi aviation industry’s new chapter

11:00Panel : Transforming Aerospace through AI-driven innovations

  • Understanding the role of artificial intelligence in the aerospace sector​
  • Exploring AI applications across various aerospace domains, including manufacturing, operations, and maintenance​
  • Leveraging AI for enhanced safety, efficiency, and decision-making in aviation​
  • Identifying opportunities to integrate AI with existing aerospace technologies

11:30Panel : Towards sustainable aviation: 2025 and beyond

  • What efforts can  the aviation industry can continue to make in order to ensure sustainability?
  • Investigating efficient strategies and forthcoming measures aimed at fostering a sustainable  aviation sector
  • How can commercial aviation stake holders enable sustainability whilst ensuring profitability
  • Achieving net zero – what critical actions need to be taken by the industry?

12:00Panel : Advanced Aerial Mobility – Challenges and opportunities

  • Driving innovation in aerial mobility and autonomous systems
  • Accelerating the implementation of eVtols and discussing advancements and collaborations needed to enable country wide AAM system
  • Discussing innovative technologies that help support the global growth of the AAM industry


12:30On-stage Interview: Uncovering the journey of India’s award-winning international airport – Banglore International Airport

12:50Onstage Interview: Enhancing air defense capabilities by developing best in class jet engines


14:00Next Generation Travel Experience – Creating advanced passenger security clearance programs

  • Highlighting technologies that enhance passenger security clearance experience
  • Discussing the threats and evaluating strategies that help combat challenges that come with the increased digitial landscape. Supporting border control through the implementation of country specific trusted passenger programs and discussing the progress of geopolitical developments in these programs
  • Discussing how airlines and airports can support implementation

14:30Fireside Chat: Top 5 tech trends in Aviation

  • Discussing technologies transforming the industry​
  • Analyzing barriers of implementations​
  • Highlighting tech impacts on corporate bottom-line​

15:00Developing a diverse and inclusive workforce of tomorrow

  • Highlighting plans and programs for aerospace capacity development. ​
  • What can governments do and how can the aerospace community contribute to build and inclusive next generation of workforce​
  • Investments and partnerships being made to train and develop workforce and to ensure diversity

15:00Panel: Investing in the aerospace and aviation industry: A 10 year road map

  • Understanding the investment opportunities across the diverse segments 
  • Recognising promising industry segments
  • Analysing how governments and investors can wok better together 
  • Discussing the growth trajectory of the industry

15:30Panel: Air cargo of tomorrow – setting up for demand surge of the future​

  • Understanding latest trends. Adapting and reacting to recent demands
  • Ensuring sustainability in air cargo logistics
  • Exploring the influence of environmental policies, trade agreements, and government support on the air cargo industry
  • Discussing strategies to adapt to changing economic conditions and optimize business operations 
  • Highlighting latest technologies such as drones for efficient cargo delivery

16:00Strengthening domestic SMEs in the Aerospace supply chain

  • Identifying challenges faced by domestic SMEs in participating in the aerospace supply chain​
  • Discussing strategies to enhance competitiveness and capability building among SMEs​
  • Facilitating access to financing, resources, and market opportunities for domestic SMEs​
  • Encouraging collaboration between SMEs, larger industry players, and research institutions to foster innovation and growth
16:30Chairperson’s closing remarks

16:45End Of Conference Day 2

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