Hawkins Musili Wambua

General Manager, Fahari Aviation

Kenya Airways

Hawkins is an accomplished engineering and innovation expert with over 14 years’ experience in managing projects and teams across various functions within the Kenya Airways (KQ) group. His visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work on prominent projects, such as Fahari Aviation, the emerging technologies subsidiary of Kenya Airways PLC , of which he is a founding member.

Hawkins currently, serves as the General Manager with overall responsibility of Fahari Aviation.

Fahari Aviation is leading the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems, UAS, in the country, with use cases in Critical Infrastructural Inspections, Surveillance, Agriculture, Mapping, Research and Conservation as well as logistics.

Previously, as Head of Engineering Services at KQ, Hawkins led all continuous airworthiness; maintenance cost management and Asset management activities across the entire fleet of Aircraft and Engines. He has held responsibility for fleet acquisition and disposal, led the teams responsible for Powerplant engineering, OEM and vendor negotiations, engine cost analysis and Asset Management.

Hawkins holds an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering with specialization in Aircraft Powerplants.


2024 Summit Agenda

26 September 2024 | 12:00 | Panel : Advanced Aerial Mobility – Challenges and opportunities

  • Driving innovation in aerial mobility and autonomous systems
  • Accelerating the implementation of eVtols and discussing advancements and collaborations needed to enable country wide AAM system
  • Discussing innovative technologies that help support the global growth of the AAM industry


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