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Vista, brought to you by Dubai Airshow is the East-West startup hub that was launched during Dubai Airshow 2021. Vista is a platform that offers startups in aerospace and defence, a platform to showcase the latest technologies and innovations to the market.
Vista at the Global Aerospace Summit will offer a sector specific platform for startups ready to shake up the world of the aerospace industry. Vista will be a dedicated area on the show floor to showcase global startups who will transform the industry with companies ranging from crypto to eVTOLS. Startups will have the opportunity to benefit from thought- provoking content on the Innovation Hub stage as well get a chance to pitch their solution live in front of an esteemed panel of investors.
Vista, where innovation meets opportunity!

What You Can Get by Participating at VISTA at the Global Aerospace Summit

Showcase your latest technology and innovations in front of C-Level attendees from the Aerospace industry

Pitch your ideas on the Innovation Hub stage in front of an esteemed panel of industry investors and mentors

Access 1,000+ industry giants, global investors and inspiring mentors through exclusive networking opportunities

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Opening Keynote

Day: 25 September

Time: 11:00

Igniting Innovations: Strategies for startups to disrupt the aerospace industry

Day: 25 September

Time: 11:10

Mentorship Clinic

Day: 25 September

Time: 11:50

A dynamic, interactive experience where attendees are guided through a series of real-world aerospace scenarios that illustrate key mentorship principles.

Startup Presentations

Day: Wed 25 May

Time: 14:00

Exhibiting startups will present their innovative products or services in a rapid-fire pitch format, to a panel of Industry investors/mentors.