Yiheng Huan



Mr. Huan is a senior aerospace engineer. He played a crucial role in co-founding and leading MINOSPACE to become China's premier private satellite manufacturing company. Under his guidance, MINOSPACE successfully developed and launched 24 satellites, including China's pioneering X-band and Ku-band commercial SAR satellites, as well as the first 0.5m high-resolution optical commercial satellite.
Mr. Huan also serves as a committee member of the China Satellite Communication Commission. With 16 years of technical development and research experience in satellite general engineering, optical payload technology, and satellite communication technology, his contributions have been instrumental in advancing key national projects and research initiatives. Renowned for his expertise in satellite technology and his role in fostering innovation within the company, Mr. Huan stands as a respected figure in the field.


2024 Summit Agenda

25 September 2024 | 15:30 | Panel: Fusion of Space communications and Earth observation: Insights and innovations

  • Highlighting the satellite's role in enhancing global aerospace communications with advanced, high-capacity capabilities.​
  • Advancements in Earth Observation Technologies: Examining the integration of satellite communication technologies in Earth observation, focusing on innovations in remote sensing and data transmission.​
  • Strategic Expansion in Aerospace Connectivity: Discussing the expansion of satellite fleets for improved global communication coverage, and the implications for aerospace and Earth monitoring.​
  • Future Trends in Satellite Communications: Exploring future developments in direct device communication and SAR technology, transforming how we connect and observe Earth from space.

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