Global Aerospace Summit Agenda

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09:00Ministerial Opening Address

09:05Industry Keynote Addresses

Building aerospace clusters and ecosystems to capitalize on economic and commercial opportunities
How are we building a technology driven aerospace sector that combines strategic investment with world-class R&D? How are we accelerating the transformation into a globally competitive and knowledge-based economy? What are the key aerospace and aviation clusters that will drive future growth?

09:15General Civil Aviation Authority Keynote Address

09:20Protocol Break

09:25Sustainability in the Aerospace Industry

How should the commercial aviation ecosystem work together to influence policy makers? How should the industry deal with rising environmental costs? How should we adapt to fundamental changes to the way we do business as we drive towards net-zero goals? How do we support and incentivise newer fleets and better fuels and propulsion?

09:35IAI Keynote - Sponsored by IAI

09:45Mubadala Fireside Chat

10:00Digital technology as the foundation of industrial growth - Sponsored by Yahsat

How is the UAE implementing digital tech to build the critical production base, and enhance in-country capabilities? What strategies are enabling success as a leading regional hub of strategic technologies and manufacturing while driving international market growth? How is technology leadership that is propelling national industrialization efforts? 

Aerospace Focus

10:00International partnerships with world-class global entities to generate in-country value - Sponsored by Sanad

What are the strategies in place to partner with world-class global entities to generate in-country value? How will sharing combined expertise across clusters and ecosystems to capitalize on economic and commercial opportunities mean more new partnerships, more investment in innovation, and more jobs?

11:30The future fleet - developing aircraft to support long-term growth

What are the platforms required for the reshaped fleets of the future? Is sustainability the primary driving factor in future platform designs?  How are we developing radically new aircraft and propulsion technology and accelerating technologies that will enable the ‘third generation’ of aviation?  What are the regulatory challenges?

12:10Becoming an international hub of strategic technologies and manufacturing

How are investments platforms contributing to the acceleration of economic transformation, highlighting successful national world class champions, and fostering vibrant industrial and commercial clusters? How is the focus on building intellectual property locally for leading to increased national capabilities and advanced technology development?

10:40Networking Break

12:40Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Supporting the commercialization of sustainable, alternate aviation fuels. How can we accelerate production scale-up of all commercially viable pathways, while simultaneously developing additional lower cost pathways? How can we drive technology development, production facility investment, and fuel production incentives globally? How can we develop a sustained and planned approach from policymakers to support and stimulate the ramp-up of SAF and green hydrogen production capacity?

13:20Networking Lunch

Defence Focus

14:20Defence Stream Opening Keynote - Sponsored by SAMI

Capturing value and creating jobs though international partnerships and ventures. Highlighting SAMI’s path to being a top 25 Global defence contractor by 2030.  Opportunities for collaboration and cooperation with regional and international stakeholders. Capitalising on a diverse and inclusive workforce to provide world class military products and services.

14:40Offset and economic development panel

R&D innovation trends important to industrial cooperation and offset objectives. New priorities in defence, aerospace and space for OEM’s, industry SMEs and suppliers, government delegates. The role of industrial partnerships in a post-COVID economic landscape


What are the technologies that will change defence platforms? How can OEMs and local partners push continuous innovation and capability enhancement? What are the data and intelligence solutions that will enhance long-term capabilities? What are the challenges to implementation on existing platforms?

16:00Networking Break

16:20Manufacturing Partnerships

16:40AI - the critical enabler of autonomous UAVs

Drone systems represent one of the most promising emerging technologies in the aviation sector, this panel discussion will identify how AI technology will be the critical enabler for advanced aerial mobility. What are the crossovers for defence lead UAV tech in the commercial sphere?

17:20Defence Industrial capability development and partnerships

What are the catalysts for defence and security industry growth? how can we accelerate the development of the UAE defence industry ecosystem and the skills base required for future growth? What are the industrial partnership programmes that will enhance foreign direct investment in the sector and create domestic partnership opportunities?


14:20Working Group - Sustainable Aviation Fuels

What are the challenges and roadblocks to the rollout of SAF? How can airports, airlines and fuel suppliers work together to ensure swift adoption? What are the safety and regulatory hurdles must be overcome?

The working group will consist of a welcome and objective briefing followed by board room discussion addressing the challenges facing the roll out of sustainable fuels. The session will be asked to address the following issues:

  • How can we support the development of the wider infrastructure needed for SAF?
  • How can the local policy environment be structured to support SAF adoption?
  • How can the UAE be a leader in SAF?

16:00Bilateral Market Focus - Saudi Arabia

Focused on developing trade missions and driving market and partnership opportunities. What are the opportunities for collaboration between Saudi Arabia and the UAE? 

18:00Networking Reception

08:00Registration Opens


09:20Defining policies for R&D investment, emerging technologies, and IP localisation to encourage innovation

How can research initiatives be managed to avoid duplication? How are local entities ensuring focus on R&D investment, emerging technologies, and IP localisation in ways that encourage innovation? How can national policies ensure value is captured  and retained from new tech and R&D?

09:55Boeing Technology Keynote

10:15Becoming an aerospace start-up hub

Highlight the critical investments being made in Abu Dhabi as a global start-up hub for the aerospace sector. How are start-ups programmes bolstering the economy of the UAE and stimulating trade and economic activity. What are the key partners and how is new enterprise and technology playing a foundational role in Abu Dhabi’s economic future?

10:45Networking Break

11:00The renewal of the commercial aviation sector

What are the new dynamics of commercial aviation? What are the opportunities in Afrcia? Will the sector’s centre of gravity move towards Asia?

11:20New Markets Discussion

11:40Growth markets - where will passenger demand rebound quickest?

Open skies and connectivity? Passenger levels are expected to recover by 2023, but what can be done to accelerate recovery? What are the growth geographies? How will fleet profiles change? How must efficient air traffic management and aircraft routing that minimizes fuel consumption contribute to sustainability drives?

12:20Destinus Hypersonic: a new class of fast

Exploring the development programme and capabilities of the Destinus hypersonic rocket airplane? What are the technology hurdles that have been overcome, and how will the platform fit into the aviation sector?

12:40Lightning Talk: Computational Memories: Moving into the Smart Future

12:45Data driven aviation

How can executive leadership teams effectively use big data to drive strategy and decision making? How is data analytics transforming the aviation industry? What are the biggest opportunities for airlines to utilise data to drive revenues and profit ratios? What case studies are in place to demonstrate where investments in big data and analytics have generated significant ROI and not just more data? Where are the big wins - fuel efficiency, safety, smart maintenance? Who owns the data – operators, air framers, engine manufacturers?

13:00Future Of MRO

13:20Becoming a leader in future fuels

Becoming a leader in future fuels Generating enough clean energy - what role can the UAE play in efficiently producing SAF and Hydrogen based on green electricity/ What is the path to becoming a leader in sustainable fuels? What are the wider perspectives on energy infrastructure and industrialisation?

13:40Networking Lunch

14:20Lightning Talk: Sustainability through a strategy lens: for NextGen leaders

14:25Building Sustainable Airport Hubs

How will future airport hubs be designed and operate. How must infrastructure be developed to support sustainable aviation fuel and new forms of propulsion? As aircraft design develops rapidly how can airports innovate to capitalise on new fleets and opportunities? How are airports integrating digital tech to drive efficiency and enhance customer experience? What is the role of airports in urban air mobility?

15:00Cybersecurity in the Aerospace Sector

Industry Address

What are the biggest cyber security challenges facing the aerospace sector? How can the industry improve its cyber resilience and what are the barriers to implementing more robust systems and defence’s? What are the specific vulnerabilities of digital technologies and how can the industry collaborate to monitor, detect and manage cyber risks? How can information sharing and industry collaboration help make the sector more resilient to cyber-attacks and improve management of potential vulnerabilities?

15:20Changes in travel patterns for business and HNWI

As business travel rebounds, what are the differentiators that will enable business operators to win and retain market share from airlines? How can the sector best demonstrate the flexibility, efficiency, safety and privacy that passengers require? How can the sector retain Covid driven growth, and capitalise on increasing demand in ME and Asia Pac? What is the market demand for supersonic? Is supersonic flight over land realistic or will long range travel be the stronger business case?

16:00Transforming supply chains to resilient and dynamic networks

How is the aerospace supply chain reshaping to meet global logistics challenges? How are technologies being implemented to enable future resilience to global shocks and more rapid responsiveness to supply chain pressures?

    Moderator :
  • Rahul Shah | Senior Vice President Strategic Growth and Business Development Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa | AAR Corporation

16:35Lightning Talk: Accelerating the deployment of 4IR technologies in Aviation MRO: What is the success formula?

16:40Digital technology in MRO - Sponsored by SAEI

How are digital twins enabling airlines to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital worlds? What is the impact of digital twins on the aerospace and MRO sectors? What is the adoption curve, and how will proactive and predictive maintenance increase platform operational availability and efficiency?

17:20Close of Day Two


10:00Working Group - Urban Mobility

Dedicated to the future of urban mobility, this special programme explores how the industry can accelerate the adoption of new technology, and how stakeholders must work together to make the UAE a pioneer market.

The working group will consist of a welcome and objective briefing followed by board room discussion addressing the challenges facing the roll out of AAM technology. The session will be asked to address the following issues:

  • How will we instill passenger confidence in AAM?
  • What infrastructure is needed for AAM?
  • How can the UAE be a leader in implementing Urban air mobility?

11:00Working Group – Diversity

The working group will consist of a welcome and objective briefing followed by board room discussion addressing the challenges facing organisations looking to increase diversity. The session will be asked to address the following issues:

  • How can we support the development of wider diversity initiatives?
  • How can the GAS agenda be structured to support diversity and drive more inclusive participation?
  • How can the UAE be a leader in diversity, and how can the Summit demonstrate that?

12:00Aerospace Xelerated Mentorship Clinic

This two-day focused challenge offers start-ups the opportunity to connect, network with & hear from innovation & investment teams at Boeing. Participating startups will be able to understand how corporates like Boeing identify their technology gaps and how to fulfill them via partnerships with disruptive technology businesses like startups. The second part of the first day will be 2 reverse (problem) pitches for which start-ups will get the chance to come up with solutions and pitch on the second day.

Dr. Carlton Washburn, Strategy Principal, Boeing
Madison Peterson, Strategy Principal, Boeing
Bobby Nieuhaus, Strategy Principal, Boeing

TOPIC: Reverse Pitch & Q&A with Boeing

Find out an overview of Boeing technology gaps and how to tackle those challenges. The reverse pitch will cover (but not limited to) Digital Solutions, Autonomy & AI… Don’t miss this opportunity to get briefed by Boeing venture & innovation team followed by 30 mins Q&A to get ready to pitch your solution to them in Part 2!

14:20Bilateral Market Focus – Israel

Focused on developing trade missions and driving market and partnership opportunities, the priority market sessions will focus on areas of key economic and investment focus for the UAE and Israel

15:00NextGen Speed Mentoring - Sponsored by Safran

Mentorship is valued and sought after by young people. NextGen Leaders, in partnership with the Space Generation Advisory Council, is providing the platform for bringing industry leaders and young talent together. Students and young professionals will receive practical guidance and tips on how to kick start or advance their careers.

08:00Registration Opens

Space Focus

09:30Space Focus Opening Keynote

Outlining the importance of the UAE’s space programme to the development of the high technology industrial sector in the UAE and the opportunities for international partnerships.

09:50Digital Space

How are organisations in the space sector combining multiple digital technologies such as Cloud, Machine Learning, and Blockchain to build a meaningful competitive advantage? How are the upstream and downstream segments being affected, and how are the technologies supporting more scalable and innovative business models that are democratizing access to the space sector?

10:20Space Security

10:40Space exploration as a driver for commercial space

Space exploration will evolve and grow due to declining launch costs and advances in technology. What can organisations and programmes do now to take advantage of new launch technologies? Will private companies determine the future of space exploration? Will there be a private space exploration economy in the next decade?

11:20Networking Break

11:40Lightning Talk: Diversity & Inclusion: vision from the next generation

11:45Military space - accelerating investments in innovative technologies and capabilities

What are the digital technology possibilities for military space? What services beyond MilSatCom and EO will be important? How can military space assets be best protected from enemy interference? How can rapid innovation and the small sat revolution be capitalised on by avoiding prohibitively long and complex procurement processes?

12:25Space as a service

How does the space sector integrate most effectively into the aerospace sector and what are the technology leverage points? How will space integrate with defence and aerospace and how will technology be integrated to enable success in deploying sensors, collecting real-time data, and data analysis.

12:55Networking Lunch


10:00Aerospace Xelerated Mentorship Clinic

Technology Challenge – Pitch Opportunity In Part 2 of the Pitch Clinic, startups will be split up into smaller groups for opportunity to discuss their solutions during a 5-minute pitch followed by feedback from the team.

To join the challenge, simply apply through the online application, and find out if you qualify. Startups focusing in the following sectors should apply: Technology, Cybersecurity, Future Mobility, AI/ML, Fleet Ops/Airline Synergies, Drone Operations, Digital Factory & Data Flow Management, Quantum Computing, Space Situational Awareness, Sensors, Materials, Sustainability.

12:00NextGen: Introduction to CubeSat Design and Analysis

Introduction - Unpacking the power of CubeSats in the new Space Age:

  • CubeSat orbital analysis
  • Satellite tracking and signal reception
  • Mechanical aspects in designing a CubeSat
  • Onboard Computer and Concept of Operations
  • CubeSat thermal analysis and power budget calculations

13:30NextGen: The new face of manufacturing

Is the aerospace industry prepared to attract talent more effectively? Is a promotional boost of aerospace and defence product development and manufacturing the answer to it? Would virtual prototyping, 3D printing and robotics, as the new image of manufacturing processes brought about by technological advances, do the trick?

14:00NextGen: Skills shortages

Technology is often highlighted by industry leadership as the future and the smart choice for upcoming talent. Associated skills related to machine learning, cyber, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, data science and hypersonics have also been identified as skills in high demand. How are industry and academia ensuring sufficient technical talent is generated? How is the government involved in that process?

14:30NextGen Industry Leaders Panel & Networking in collaboration with AmCham

The benefits of working in the aerospace industry. What are the opportunities for young people? A panel of C-level executives who address the benefits of working in the aerospace industry, inspiring stories to share existing possibilities of pursuing internships or mentorship in multinational companies. Is there anything that could be done to assist progression of young people’s career paths?

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