Global Aerospace Summit Agenda

Keynotes - Global Hubs

09:00Building aerospace clusters and ecosystems to capitalize on economic and commercial opportunities

How is the UAE building a technology driven aerospace sector that combines strategic investment with world-class R&D? How are we accelerating the transformation into a globally competitive and knowledge-based economy? What are the key aerospace and aviation clusters that will drive future growth?


09:40Digital technology as the foundation of industrial growth

How is the UAE implementing digital tech to build the critical production base, and enhance in-country capabilities? What strategies are enabling success as a leading regional hub of strategic technologies and manufacturing while driving international market growth? How is technology leadership that is propelling national industrialization efforts? 

10:20Networking Break


10:40OEMs & M&A - acquiring future capabilities and emerging technologies

What is the outlook for mergers and acquisitions in 2022 and beyond? What are the trends and trends emerging market opportunities that will shape the outlook for mergers and acquisitions in the 12-24 months ahead? How long will the current energetic deal-making environment last? Will transactions focus on traditional sectors or on emerging tech and markets? How do both buyers and sellers need to respond to rapidly shifting market dynamics to execute M&A strategies effectively?

12:40Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Supporting the commercialization of sustainable, alternate aviation fuels. How can we accelerate production scale-up of all commercially viable pathways, while simultaneously developing additional lower cost pathways? How can we drive technology development, production facility investment, and fuel production incentives globally? How can we develop a sustained and planned approach from policymakers to support and stimulate the ramp-up of SAF and green hydrogen production capacity?

13:20Networking Lunch


14:00Crossing 2 trillion dollars - future growth in the defence sector

Supporting growing defence industrial bases generating in-country value and developing sovereign capabilities. What are the most innovative military technologies and platforms? How is digital tech being implemented to drive capabilities?

15:40Fleet modernisation and MRO capabilities

How can military MRO providers best equip themselves to support military sustainment and readiness functions? What are the key capability needs for the region and how much capacity redundancy does there need to be for national security? How can military MRO providers best align the roll out of digital technology with armed forces regionally and use this technology to manage the requirements of more complex military platforms?

16:20Defence Industrial capability development and partnerships

What are the catalysts for defence and security industry growth? how can we accelerate the development of the UAE defence industry ecosystem and the skills base required for future growth? What are the industrial partnership programmes that will enhance foreign direct investment in the sector and create domestic partnership opportunities?

17:00Networking Reception

Keynotes - Global Hubs

09:00R&D investment, emerging technologies, and IP localisation to encourage innovation

How can research initiatives be managed to avoid duplication? How are local entities ensuring focus on R&D investment, emerging technologies, and IP localisation in ways that encourage innovation.

10:20Networking Break

Commercial Aviation

10:40Airline CEOs Panel: Growth markets - where will passenger demand rebound quickest?

Passenger levels are expected to recover by 2023, but what can be done to accelerate recovery? How will the air travel markets have changed in profile? What are the opportunities for restructuring and how will fleet profiles change? How must efficient air traffic management and aircraft routing that minimizes fuel consumption contribute to sustainability drives?

11:20Platforms in demand - narrow body aircraft

Are passenger demand recovers how will routes change and fleets realign to meet new requirements? Are narrow body aircraft able to fill requirement in the longer term as long-haul travel recovers? Can narrow body aircraft provide the long-haul passenger experience needed on premium routes? What will new narrow body platforms offer, and what will be the impact on meeting sustainability targets?

12:00CTO Panel: Rolling out third-generation aircraft

What are the novel solutions that will improve efficiency? How will the industry develop and implement new materials that will enable lighter aircraft, further improving efficiency? Continuing to develop aircraft and engine design and technology to improve efficiency and reduce emissions?

13:20Networking Lunch

14:40Changes in travel patterns for business and HNWI

As business travel rebounds, what are the differentiators that will enable business operators to win and retain market share from airlines? How can the sector best demonstrate the flexibility, efficiency, safety and privacy that passengers require? How can the sector retain Covid driven growth, and capitalise on increasing demand in ME and Asia Pac?

15:40Rising popularity of light and very light jets

Has the increased use of non-scheduled charter flights during covid driven demand for light and very light jets? How can manufacturers in this segment capitalise on demand from HNWIs and demonstrate value for corporate travel? Which regions hold the biggest potential for growth? In a market that focuses on efficiency, comfort, and reliability, what will be the impact of increasing user requirements for sustainability?

16:20Sustainability initiatives in business aviation

How can the business aviation sector demonstrate its sustainable credibility? Is the path to sustainability the same as that for commercial aviation? 

17:00Networking Reception

Keynotes - Global Hubs

09:00Becoming an international hub of strategic technologies and manufacturing

How is the UAE Investments platform contributing to the acceleration of the UAE’s economic transformation, highlighting successful national world class champions, and fostering vibrant industrial and commercial clusters? How is the focus on building intellectual property locally for leading to increased national capabilities and advanced technology development?


10:40Digital Space

How are organisations in the space sector combining multiple digital technologies such as Cloud, Machine Learning, and Blockchain to build a meaningful competitive advantage? How are the upstream and downstream segments being affected, and how are the technologies supporting more scalable and innovative business models that are democratizing access to the space sector?

12:00Military space - accelerating investments in innovative technologies and capabilities

What are the digital technology possibilities for military space? What services beyond MilSatCom and EO will be important? How can military space assets be best protected from enemy interference? How can rapid innovation and the small sat revolution be capitalised on by avoiding prohibitively long and complex procurement processes?

12:40Space as a service

How does the space sector integrate most effectively into the aerospace sector and what are the technology leverage points? How will space integrate with defence and aerospace and how will technology be integrated to enable success in deploying sensors, collecting real-time data, and data analysis? 

13:20Networking Lunch

Supply chain and distribution

14:00Transforming supply chains to resilient and dynamic networks

How is the aerospace supply chain reshaping to meet global logistics challenges? How are technologies being implemented to enable future resilience to global shocks and more rapid responsiveness to supply chain pressures?

14:40Blockchain in aerospace

Highlighting blockchain applications in aerospace, challenges in its implementation and how to overcome them( such as Blockchain as a service). What is the ROI of implementing blockchain; is it worth the hype?

15:20Networking Break

15:40Digitalisation of Air Cargo

How can air cargo overcome a super conservative mindset to capitalise on the benefits of digital technologies? What does the industry need to do to catch up, and is it possible to take lessons learned elsewhere to leapfrog a generation of technology? Will 3rd party platforms be the most effective and cost-efficient way of implementing digital technology in the air cargo sector and enable players to become competitive? Will technology platforms enable airlines to steal a march on integrators and serve customers directly?

16:20Data driven aviation

How can executive leadership teams effectively use big data to drive strategy and decision making? How is data analytics transforming the aviation industry? What are the biggest opportunities for airlines to utilise data to drive revenues and profit ratios? What case studies are in place to demonstrate where investments in big data and analytics have generated significant ROI and not just more data? Where are the big wins - fuel efficiency, safety, smart maintenance? Who owns the data – operators, air framers, engine manufacturers?