The Global Aerospace Summit is an invitation-only event for C-level executives, senior decision makers and government officials involved with the aerospace, aviation, defence and space industries. Running alongside the Summit's main conference is a series of industry specific strategy sessions, closed door meetings, social networking opportunities and site visits.

The 2014 edition of the Summit saw over 1,250 world industry leaders gather in Abu Dhabi’s St. Regis Hotel, Saadiyat Island to forge the future of these sectors. Click here to request a copy of The Global Aerospace Summit 2014 Report.

  2016 Preview
  Global Aerospace Summit 2016 Programme
The Global Aerospace Summit is the premier cross-industry thought leadership forum to address challenges and drive future strategies for the aerospace industry.  The 2016 event will be held from the 18th-19th April in Abu Dhabi. As an exclusive, invitation-only global event, the Summit provides a forum that allows international peers to engage in forward looking, strategic debate and address the key challenges facing the aerospace, aviation, space and defence industries.  The Summit is an industry led event with the themes, content and outcomes driven by a high level advisory board. The theme for 2016 is one that concerns the whole industry: innovation.

Innovation is of course at the heart of what we do in the Aerospace sector. But the Summit won’t just be examining how aircraft, launch systems and satellites will evolve. It will examine new ways of building them, using new materials and the new applications for which they will be used. In these cost conscious times participants will discuss how to deliver more for less as well as look at what will be the major breakthroughs of tomorrow.

What will be discussed?
Beyond risk sharing, innovative ways to fund the next generation of aircraft and enhancing access to capital
Future air transportation systems: what technologies will allow us to avoid chaos in the sky?
Can unmanned aerial systems transform our economies?
How to develop a national R&D ecosystem to drive technological advancement
How can the airline industry adapt to and adopt new consumer technologies in a more networked world?
Examining the evolution of commercial space business and opportunities for new players: how new technologies are driving down costs and what can the rest of the industry learn?
Effective government policy and how it can encourage industrial innovation
How will modern manufacturing techniques impact how the Aerospace supply chain is organised?
Developing workforce equipped for the next generation of Aerospace manufacturing
Looking and learning from other industries – what are the next disruptive technologies and what do they mean for aerospace?
Biofuels - a look into the future: where is this technology going in terms of development, availability and cost?
Practical applications of collaboration on research and development in offset – which market powers are driving innovation?
New, innovative satellite applications that will drive economic development
Reducing the burden of defence spending: the new technologies that give government “more bang for their buck”